Enjoy our traditional Tuscan cuisine at km 0, where everything is homemade.

Our philosophy of Tuscan cuisine

Sometimes images appear that take me back to my childhood, memories where I as a curious and greedy child am in the kitchen where my dear mother Maria with mastery would pull the pasta sheet strictly by hand to make her wonderful ravioli (which we children appreciated more uncooked than cooked) or her maccheroni (that’s what tagliatelle was called in my house).

Father set the table whistling contentedly because later the dearest relatives would arrive with whom we could spend a nice day.

The years have passed and many, but throughout my life I have always tried to bring back to my family this good feeling of all of us being together eating good homemade things, and perhaps I have succeeded because I have taken them all “by the throat” and even with food I have told them how much I love them.

What I wanted to do in this small restaurant is precisely this: prepare simple, genuine things made with love, because this in my opinion is the secret “cooking with love.”


Discover the good feeling of all getting together to eat good homemade things

We offer you our traditional cuisine but with the right note of personalization

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